Main Street Hub

Main Street Hub allowed me the opportunity to create and strategize branding while maintaining the Social Media for hundreds of different local, national, and global businesses. As a Profile Manager, my job was to create the initial voice of the brand and set up client profiles through writing and graphics. This process requires careful attention to client needs and consumer behavior by region. Here's some of my best work.

After a few months of excelling and being recognized for my work on various projects I was promoted to a Senior role. One of these projects was to design and implement a system for handling multi-locations (large chains or franchises) across the entire company. I devised a scalable system that worked well and was also easily accessible to every role involved in our process at no cost to the company. To this day, my work has helped boost overall efficiency in client on-boarding and maintenance.

Bud Light Family

Bud Light was losing market share at a much faster rate than its biggest competitor, Coors. As part of the Accounts team, I was given the task of analyzing a wealth of data and looking for trends to figure out what was happening. Although I was able to confirm our hypothesis that Coors was doing much better in the Hispanic market segments, through analysis we found Bud Light was also quickly losing its White Collar market segment. With the help of the strategy team, I presented my findings to the client by matching the trends in sales to different approaches to advertising.

For Bud Light and its extensions, I worked with the social team. I had a variety of responsibilities including helping to manage when posts on social media sites would be published and what kind of content they should feature. I was also in charge of using advertising databases to create detailed reports on the competition.

For the Platinum account, I had the chance to plan and brainstorm events centered around celebrity brand ambassadors in addition to the responsibilities mentioned above.


The dollar menu at McDonald’s is struggling. As interns at Translation our task was to make the Dollar Menu relevant again to millenials. Throughout the internship, we put together a brief that was custom tailored to the client and that no other quick service restaurant could imitate. We then had to develop and pitch creative. As an accounts intern, I was constantly organizing the team, coordinating with the client and making sure creative aligned with the brief. These tasks put my people skills in the forefront, and required much crisis management and leadership on my part.

Massimo Bread

I worked on a team as an Account Service Intern to introduce a new line of bread in the Malaysian market. We were to position the bread as a high-quality brand at a low price point without inspiring skepticism that a high-quality product could not be offered at a budget price. Additionally, we had to pit the brand against a competitor that had dominated market share for decades. We ended up creating a campaign to distribute Massimo’s line of products with an “Italian Heritage,” marketing it with European recipes and introducing the bread to gourmet bakeries alongside grocery stores.

KL Metropolis

I had the opportunity to work on branding for what will become the world’s second tallest building. Although it was not my task, I took it upon myself to design a logo. The result is seen above on the right (in black and white iterations), it incorporates nationalistic symbols with futuristic motions. The client desired a “merging of the past and future” Although my design was not chosen, it made the top ten in the client pick.

Refugee Services of Texas

This is a campaign I was chosen to be a team lead for by my school’s faculty. After consulting with the clients (RST), our team’s goals were to drive donations, raise awareness, and recruit volunteers. We used a mixed-media strategy, developing and implementing materials in outdoor and online
media for various target audiences. Additionally, we are in the process of rebranding the client such that they may stand out from competitors as well as become more recognizable on the local charity scene.