The following were written in order to set up marketing profiles for local businesses.

Bullpen Boxing

There's no real way to keep track of the clock in the ring, usually the only thing ticking is the thump of the heart. Left. Right Left. Throwing punches is a lot easier than landing them. It might be the last round, every muscle in your body burning, but your vision is perfectly clear, the sting of sweat in your eyes doesn't bother you anymore. Left.Right.Left. Watch the footwork, there's a real magic in being able to float around the ring. 

It's about breathing right, it's about hitting accurately. Boxing is the most brutal game of chess, where you barely have time to think and one wrong move can land you on the tail end of the quickest checkmate. The right move, that comes with practice. The right move comes with the right mentor, the right training and a team that has your back, because throwing one more punch is a lot easier with a team rooting for you to land it.

The Bullpen is a ring passionate about boxing, where many have walked in wanting a workout and walk today as fighters in their prime. Many more still arrive with a passion to do something great, and are now on the path to do just that. 

District One Kitchen & Bar

District One is where East meets West. Not in a subdued handshake, but rather in a full blown collision. The result is cuisine that is as bold as it is refined, as elegant as it is adventurous and as delicious as it is beautiful. We've taken the time to curate the best of fusion cuisine, drawing equal parts inspiration from the variety presented in the spices of south-east Asia and the flavors of North America. From farm to Chef to table, you'll be hard pressed to find a more memorable dining experience. 


The Pub. It's an age old concept, and the bartender is probably on the top ten list for world's oldest professions. You could travel all around the world, but if you want to hear a good story, or truly capture an essence of a place and it's people, there's nowhere better than the local pub. From Tokyo to Tel Aviv, Auckland to Argentina, and Leipzig to LA, no one tells a better story than the guy in the next barstool. The BRÜ HAUS in LA imports the most authentic of those experiences, we've established a true German pub in the heart of LA. Here our taps are lined with (what we think) are the best beers in the world, a celebration of the best of German brewing tradition and technique. To go with it, our kitchen puts out some of the best bar food this side of the International Date Line. 

Come on in and pull up a stool, there's a cold beer with your name on it. 

Dubrovnik Restaurant

We miss Croatia. We miss the smell of the sea, the fishing culture and the sounds of our mothers grilling whatever was freshly caught in the morning. We miss being in a land where football is played with feet. Despite the Croatian affinity for the sea, it's difficult for us to go home as much as we want to, so we did the next best thing, we brought our home to us and established Dubrovnik Restaurant.

Since opening, our goal has been to make you love Croatia as much as we do. We are committed to bringing the best of Croatia to New Rochelle, even if just for a few hours. Dubrovnik features the best of Croatian cuisine, including succulent meat roasts, fresh grilled fish and a variety of other favorites. Our restaurant features both indoor and outdoor space, so you can feel as though you're on the inside of a ship or enjoying dinner on the beach. At its essence Dubrovnik isn't a restaurant, it's a portal to Croatia.

Come experience Croatia, you won't need a passport this time.

Urban Putt

On TV, you'll see pro golfers swinging away in beautiful courses all over the world. Sometimes the tournaments are on the coast or near a mountain range, but it never really gets more interesting that. What if golf could take you to different places, perhaps to the middle of an earthquake, in a labrynth or even 20,000 leagues under the sea?

Urban Putt is that mini-golf experience. Inside this historic building lies a high-tech 14 hole golf course, designed by local designers, artists and engineers to create an experience that is equal parts Jules Verne as it is Rube Goldberg. Try your hand at golfing through an earthquake, or navigate your ball through a maze using your putt. At Urban Putt, nothing has limited our imagination and talent.

We took that same imagination and talent to our food, creating award winning takes on traditional amerian favorites, and sticking local to source the best ingredients and flavors. Our drinks menu is just as wondrous, with a wide selection of imaginative combinations and traditional deliciousness. Together, each part comes together to make Urban Putt the perfect venue for that first date, or corporate event.

Come take that first swing.

Gustavo Wines

A few decades ago, Napa Valley wine makers were often told that their wines would never stand up to the European elite. Since proving the world wrong in the mid 1970's, Napa valley winemakers have striven to keep up a more American standard of excellence, where great wine is equal parts a result of the best grapes, the best processes, and only the strongest love for the art of winemaking.

Gustavo wines cherishes this environment, and has grown one owner's extreme love of making wine into an established winery. As a family business, the same processes that landed Gustavo Brambila a spot in the Napa Valley elite are passed down amongst the generations, preserving a rich heritage and art.

Today, patrons are invited to come sample our wines, and hopefully fall in love with them half as much as the owners themselves. Wine tastings run for around $15, but are complimentary with the purchase of a bottle. For our buyers that just couldn't get enough, we've established our very own Wine Club which lets us ship our best wines to your doorstep.

 In the words of Gustavo Brambila himself, "Gustavo Wine is a reflection of my passion, heritage and lifetime love affair with wine. Winemaking is an artform and when others appreciate what I love, solidifies myself as an artist!". When done right, wine making is a beautiful art-form, and we invite you to come experience it for yourself.