I'm here to build things that matter. From brands to products to businesses, it takes the right amount of grit to turn inspiration into execution. I've spent my whole life learning all over the world, pairing those experiences with a relentless drive to create great campaigns, do meaningful work that gives back and launch ambitious ideas. 



Digital Engagement Strategist/car2go North America
MAR 2016 - present | AUSTIN, TX

At car2go, we grant our members the freedom of mobility without needing to own a car.

  • Executed digital arm of the launch of Mercedes vehicles in the service, developing member communications, and building an education experience resulting in a 95% satisfaction rate.

  • Launched programs to collect and utilize user generated content that boosted engagement by an average of 200%.

  • Overhauled content strategy to focus on mobile-first visual content that boosted engagement and interaction.

  • Worked in a team to implement multi-channel acquisition, retention and brand awareness campaigns.

Social Media Community Manager/car2go North America
MAR 2016 - present | AUSTIN, TX

At car2go, we grant our members the freedom of mobility without needing to own a car.

  • Managed the brand's digital presence across 7 of 13 markets in North America, including the digital and social experience of 66% of members across Canada and the US.

  • Worked in a team to implement several local and national campaigns to acquire new members and boost brand awareness.

  • Developed a tone of voice appropriate to the brand, especially as it related to resolving issues.

  • Implemented a new visual content strategy to make messaging more relevant and appealing to both current and potential members.

  • Reduced the overall response time of the brand on Social Media by more than 2 hours.

  • Led city-specific initiatives to ease the on-boarding process for new members based on feedback from the community.

Senior Social Media Profile Manager/Main Street Hub
Jan 2015 - FEB 2016 | Austin, TX

Main Street Hub seeks to create thriving local economies by being the voice of local businesses.

  • Created and strategically enhanced communities for hundreds of different businesses across several industries including automotive, retail, food services, hospitality, medical and more.

  • Developed a scalable system to handle the set-up and maintenance of our largest accounts.

  • Led multiple trainings and workshops to further peers.

  • Consistently performed in the top performance metric.

Social Media Profile Manager/Main Street Hub
May 2014 - Dec 2014 | AUSTIN, TX

Main Street Hub seeks to create thriving local economies by being the voice of local businesses.

  • Worked with Customer Success and Community Management teams on a book of over 300 small business's social media profiles, ensuring accuracy, visibility and interest for the client's customers by fostering an appropriate brand voice and strategy for each unique client.

  • Worked for a variety of clients across several industries including restaurants, retail, spa & salon, medical, automotive and hospitality fields.

  • Suggested and implemented changes to product in first week which boosted team efficiency.

  • Led multiple workshops on technical and graphic software for the team.

  • Fostered relationships with third parties and platforms such as Google to make our client's setup process more efficient.

Account Management Intern/Translation LLC
Summer 2013 | New York City, NY

Translation helps ambitious brands thrive in contemporary culture.

  • Analyzed a variety of sales, demographic and psychographic data using Microsoft Excel and other tools to determine why Bud Light was performing poorly in relation to competition, presenting my findings directly to the client.

  • Helped foster promotions with celebrities and key influencers of various target markets.

  • Led a team to develop a campaign to make McDonald’s Dollar Menu relevant to millennials.

  • Managed the social media presence of Brands under the Bud Light umbrella, examining consumer conversations and acting upon trends.

  • Helped to plan brand endorsements by brand ambassadors through scavenger hunts and music videos.

  • Prepared materials for commercial shoots.

Rotational Intern/People 'N Rich-H sdn. bhd.
Summer 2011 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

People 'n Rich is a full service advertising agency with a history of generating innovative campaigns.

  • Designed a logo that was short listed for what will become the world’s second tallest building, and Kuala Lumpur’s flagship MICE program, the KL Metropolis.

  • Worked on the rebranding of the Eastin Hotels chain in the Southeast Asian region centered around transforming the consumer’s image of the chain from a shifty location to a reputable site for business executives.

  • Saw through the creation and launch of the Massimo Bread brand in Malaysia.

  • Research and analysis into the competitive atmosphere of cultured yoghurt drinks for the Vitagen account.

  • Designed a public service announcement platform for Fumakilla bugspray as part of their corporate social responsibility program.

  • Completed presentations on the state of advertising to be presented at the MAA (Malaysian advertising association) by the company CEO.